Anusha Reddy

Anusha Reddy is an aspiring artist born and brought up in the quaint town of Madhugiri, Karnataka and residing in Bengaluru.  She was always been deeply passionate about art from childhood.  She completed her BFA & MVA in Karnataka State Open University in Mysuru.

Painting has always been a source of inner peace and calm for Anusha and you can often find her immersed in her artwork for hours together.  She loves exploring, experimenting and learning traditional art forms and art styles that have been handed down generations.  Her works in Ganjifa, 3D Paintings and Charcoal works have been exhibited in multiple Art Shows.

She works with Traditional Indian Art forms like Ganjifa, Tanjore, Madhubani, Kalamkari, Pichwai, Pattachitra, Warli, Gond etc.  and other artforms like Mandala, Charcoal, Water Colours, Poster Colors, Acrylic, Mural, Mix-Media etc.  She has recently started working with Resin art.

She also takes commissioned works and online workshops.

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