Krishna Ramya


I am an artist purely by passion and took up drawing and painting very early during my childhood.  Went on to do my engineering degree in information technology, but continued to pursue my passion all through and won numerous awards at the school and college levels.  Now, as I stand, the love for painting has grown beyond being a hobby.


I’m mostly a self -taught artist and with years of persistent practice, I am where I am, with a reasonable handle on various forms of painting.  I love creating paintings that portray tradition, happiness, joy, pleasantness and that generally elevate the mood in spaces. I like painting anything that attracts me. My work is focused on Indian traditional folk art, nature and abstract subjects. I like exploring and experimenting with textures & depth through contemporary tools and techniques. I enjoy working in different mediums, challenging myself. Working mainly on Acrylic colours, natural stone pigments, glass colours, alcohol inks and mediums. Colours and detailing are key elements in my work.







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