Reemi Thakuria


Name: Reemi Thakuria

Occupation: Assistant Professor (Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences)

Qualification:B.Tech(Mech.), M.Sc Engg (Product Design) Coventry University 

Ph. No.: 9620938313

Artist Statement: “the difference between art and life is that art can be re-drawn”

Art Journey: The journey started when I was 9 years old and drew scenery with pencil colours. One of my family friends told me how colour and light works on paper. Drawing science diagrams I got to know that I have a little skill in drawing. My childhood was more towards studies than art, as the art supplies were expensive for us to spend money on. But I always had pencils and pens to explore in all directions of art. I was self taught as the internet was not that common those days. After finishing my Mechanical engineering I decided to follow a near path towards art, a path of art as well as engineering; i.e, Product design.Now i can follow both my passion and qualification together. I teach foundation painting for the foundation year for B.Des students in RUAS and that fills the void of my childhood love for art. 

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