Sonal Johar

I am a Dubai based Indian artist, who is fascinated by Indian traditional art forms like Pichwai, Madhubani, Lippan, Warli and Gond art. My philosophy is the famous quote of John Keats: "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". My objective is to make a contemporary attempt on long existing traditional art forms of India and relive them by incorporating them into modern interiors and architecture. I aspire to create art whose beauty has the power to remove darkness and negativity around us and give our soul a sense of hope, peace, serenity and tranquillity.

I use traditional motifs and designs in my creations, which have their own heritage value and are closely linked to natural, cultural, religious and spiritual elements of society. With my visually grandiose intricate artworks, which are traditional and artistic, yet contemporary and modern, I wish to deliver an experience of joy and pleasure to the onlooker.

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