Joyeeta Neogi

About the Artist

Joyeeta Neogi is a professional watercolor artist and children’s book illustrator based in Bangalore. After she graduated from the Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology, she worked as a fashion designer for some time before deciding to follow her dream of becoming an artist.

Since then she has created illustrations for many children’s books. Her colorful and playful artwork brings those stories to life. Watercolor has always been her true love and she is always busy painting the beauty that is around her! She believes that we should surround ourselves with what brings us joy, such as the colors of a garden, a relaxing trip, or a favorite place that evokes happy memories. She finds inspiration in the variety of textures, colors in beautiful blooms, a myriad of shapes and patterns.

She loves the luminous transparency of watercolor, the sensual glow of the colors and the fact that the paint can move and flow on its own while wet, intermingling with other colors. Each painting portrays a different mood or emotion. She also enjoys exploring other mediums like oil, acrylic, goauche and pastels. Her paintings have been exhibited in various prestigious national and international platforms.

You can see some of her artwork and illustrations at and

Contact: 7899308914
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