Kavita Vardhan

About the Artist

Kavita Vardhan is a self-taught, contemporary fine artist from Bengaluru. Inherently drawn to divinity and serenity … my deep love for Art can only be ascribed to divine intervention!

Her journey in the realm of art has been amazingly enriching and beautiful… almost ethereal. She felt a strong connect with art a good 25 years back, but serious and consistent efforts began only a decade ago.
Though extremely passionate about Water colour, she renders in Oil, Acrylic or Graphite with equal finesse. There is an element of happiness and celebration evident in all her paintings, be it the choice of colours, subject or style of rendering! Her wet on wet style of rendition in Water colour is widely appreciated.

She deeply believes that art should be a source of eternal joy, elation, peace, solace, wonderment and also thought provoking!! Deeply connected to nature, her subjects are inevitably sourced from her bounty! …but flowers and portraits are the quintessential favourites

Her paintings have been bought by collectors in India and abroad…and last 5 years most of her paintings have found happy homes. She is a passionate teacher of Art… and conducts Online art classes also.

www.kavitavardhan.com / FB: Kavita Vardhan / Insta: kavita_vardhan_art
fb page: Kavita Vardhan’s Art classes
email: art.kavita@gmail.com, mob/ watsapp: 97409 20532

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