Pramila S Raja

About the Artist

Pramila Raja is a Bangalore based artist. She is extremely passionate about art from a very young age. Initially she was doing mostly oil painting and later on she started exploring different mediums.

Currently she is focusing on exploring the beautiful and fluid medium of water colours. As she is fascinated by Nature’s beauty, most of her art works depicts the various nuances of nature.

Ever since I began ny art journey through Akanksha, I have continuously showcased my artworks in many exhibitions nationally and internationally.
Recently my artwork got displayed in ‘Fabriano in acqarello ‘ Italy 2022.
I got a wonderful opportunity to participate in JIWI ( Japan International Watercolour Institute)

My journey of art have just started, I still have a long way to go. This keeps me exploring art in various forms.

You can reach me at :
Contact no: 9741257090

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