Shrabani Misra

About the Artist

I started my painting when I was 6yrs old. I was Awarded with ‘ANKAN BIVAKAR’ for completion of seven-year course from Bangiyo Sangeet Parishad.

My constant quest is to bring out the ‘soul’ of the subject with pencil/charcoal, Acrylic & Mix- Media which retains what it is, as well as adding my own perspective and flavour to it. This form of art is called ‘Graphite Realism’, ‘Abstract’ & ‘Contemporary Art’. Many wonderful artists inspired me & the most influential was Vincent Van Gogh. His works always rekindle the passion within me to work more passionately & experience the bliss which is the food for my soul.

All my works are original, without any printing, photo manipulation or duplication. Every piece of work delivered from me, is a unique piece made by my hand with no technicalities involved, are an epitome of pure traditional art.

Art for art’s sake – My work portfolio is unique in multiple ways, pure without any technicalities involved & carries a part of me. I, as a founder of Artistry, am happy to coach my students of different age groups from different global locations and it is wonderful learning for me. I teach all mediums of drawing/painting & focus more on everyone to develop a devotion towards the classical from of art called.

I have participated in multiple national and international exhibitions and
workshops and enjoyed a lot.

Contact: 8600411076

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