Shyamala Ramanand

About the Artist

Shyamala Ramanand has been dabbling in art since her formative years under the guidance of her father who was a natural artist, who was also an army officer. So this gave her an opportunity to travel the length and breadth of this majestic country creating indelible mark on her mind.

Anything visually appealing always left an imprint on her mind and after many many years of formal education and corporate work experience, she made a final call to follow her heart in 2006. Since then it has been an invigorating experience of imbibing art from several esteemed art teachers who have shaped her observations and thoughts.

She has displayed and exhibited at various prestigious art shows and festivals and many a private homes and government offices adorn her artworks. Community work has always inspired her from childhood and thus Akanksha was created out of a need for launching new artists who are predominantly self taught but needed a space and loving hand to explore and display. It has been a great journey.

These works are the Famed Tabebuia trees with its chrome yellow madness which made her mad. These trees are from Cubbon Park.

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