Subhashini Harish

About the Artist

Art in any form has always been part of growing up years and I was particularly fascinated by music, sketching and drawing. I have no formal classroom coaching in art, and am self-taught. I have been guided and mentored by senior artists through regular classes and workshops.

Of all the mediums, I have found watercolors most fascinating. To keep the transparency and spontaneity in this medium is something that is challenging and motivating too! From my experience in watercolors, speaking for myself, I believe watercolors is like Theatre, much more spontaneous, no retake so to speak! It’s also more effective in bringing out the ‘true light’ of the painting and in the process ‘true colors’ of the artist. Watercolors do not need a very elaborate set up aka materials and can be started on the fly.

Nature is my biggest inspiration. The color combinations that nature has is beyond comparison and is always a visual treat. Also, the beauty and symmetry of ancient architectural structures and temples is something that inspires me a lot.

I have participated in various Art shows in Bangalore and other cities. A post graduate in Statistics, currently I am working as a Math teacher.

Contact Number : 9845359766
Email Id : [email protected]
Instagram handle : @shubz2875

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