Sunandini Jayant

About the Artist

Sunandini Jayant has a passion for fine arts. She has dabbled in many forms and styles of art like water colours, oils, acrylics, fabric, reverse glass, stained glass and forms of tribal art like Madhubani, Warli, Tanjore, and Rajasthani miniature.

In her words she says, ‘It is through art that I pray, it is through art that I meditate and it is through art that I discover the world’.

When my son came back home from school while, in his primary classes, holding a piece of art they had worked on I was excited and intrigued. It was the most fun painting technique I had ever seen. So thrilled was I, that it went up on the wall all framed up.

My experience while working at Elixir for the POGO Mad-live projects has always been full of wonder! On the one hand I would be working on kiddie crafts that are basic and silly and fun but my mind on the other hand would be racing with what more I can do with the craft or art I have just discovered. That’s when I realised that every easy, silly and fun craft had note of seriousness in it. Control and study played an important part in using the same kind of art to make it more advanced.

While fiddling around with the straw and paints one day after class I realised there was this flower on my sheet of paper and how that set the ball rolling!

Presenting to you these bunches of flowers done by forming the petals, leaves and meadows using the technique of blow painting. Hoping to blow you away…

Nature she believes is her greatest source of inspiration.

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