Beena KS

About the Artist

Artist statement :

A palette of random colors comes together and ferries the aesthete to a new scene, a new emotion. The power to gift an experience so beautiful makes hours of patient strokes worthwhile and drives me to be a constant learner and perfect my styles.

Artist Profile :

Someone once said, “If you see beauty in everything, You are an artist”.
Beena, an engineer from NIT Calicut, Kerala, made a foray into the world of palettes and colours after an enriching career of 30 years in KELTRON, Trivandrum, from where she retired as a Chief General manager.

She is a meticulous learner and spends hours learning from artists all over the world. While she is progressive in her approach and loves exploring and experimenting with new styles, her heart sways towards water color and acrylic as is evident in her works. She believes that learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended
to with diligence. She feels blessed to have learnt from eminent artists like Milind Mullick, Meeta Dani, Ramesh Jhawar, Late Sadhu Aliyur, Prakashan Puttur, Atul Gendle, VS Madhu, to name a few.

Three years into her foray into art and colors, she did her first solo exhibition, ‘The Colors of Nature’ at Srishty art gallery in Calicut in 2018. There’s something magical about the way a painting transports the aesthete to another space, evoking memories and emotions from time immemorial. That’s the experience Beena strives to gift through her sublime art.

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