Bijee Thomas

About the Artist

Art has always been the biggest passion for Bijee Thomas since childhood. Although she took up a different career,  the artist inside her never went away.  She has explored and learned on her own and continued mastering her techniques all the time.

She gets immense pleasure while creating realistic wildlife paintings. Complexities and fine details of fur and feathers excites her. Studying and understanding her subjects before starting to paint helps her to bring more perfection to her artwork.  She never wants to limit herself and so tries to explore different subject matters, techniques and mediums of paintings.

Emotions get involved in the work to such an extent that sometimes it becomes difficult to part with  her creations. But she knows that one has to keep on growing creating better than the best.

She takes classes and workshops for the youngest kids to enthusiastic adults in her home studio and she always  tells her students, that they shouldn’t try to compare themselves with other artists, but try to be the best they can. Push their limits with each painting and do practice regularly, perfection and success  will eventually come and she follows the same principle for herself.

Before being an artist full time, she was an Asst. Professor in an engineering college.

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