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Binita Vora was born and brought up in Kolkata and now lives in Bangalore. Having worked some considerable years as an ux designer in the software industry she remained drawn to the traditional world of art. Diploma in Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata in early years had prepared her as an artist, also she further trained herself in Bangalore.

She truly believes painting on spirituality can be liberating. Both are expressions of one’s distinct and deeper relationship with the work, and with God. The purpose is to convey a message to the viewer however subtly towards the mind which is at peace with nature and self. Her paintings reflect a search for the meaning of life. Being on a voyage of self-discovery she gives herself away with her passion for fine arts. Her personal spiritual journey of healing and connection with the divine has inspired her to make art that brings peace, happiness, love and light in people’s lives and making a difference. A lot of messages in her artworks give the message of creating peace and harmony within.

Her art journey began when she’d quit her IT job and took to painting full-time. Her love for spirituality inspired her to devote all her works creating a series called ‘Sadhana’. In 2017 a lil leonardo launched ‘artbinita & group’ at the art exhibition ‘The Power of Now’, Chitrakala Parishath Bangalore. Henceforth she participated in various group shows like ‘September Sparks’, ‘October Oasis’, ‘Online Art Charity Show 2020’ and ‘Online Art Show SHE Woman’ess and Beyond’ in Bangalore. Apart from selling works in art exhibitions and various online platforms she’d been doing various commission works, selling art courses and teaching art.

She has also taken part in the prestigious India Art Festival – 2022 in Bengaluru which is a national level Art Festival involving several art galleries and artists from across India.

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