Jayashree Venkataramanan

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To reflect and preserve rich Indian culture, heritage, and traditional wisdom of glorious past of Indian folk arts in textile. Bringing shape for my imagination, ideas, and creativity to reality through painting on fabric. Indian folk arts through fabrics are my subject and which I want to reach people.

To make Indian folk and Tribal arts (Mithila, pattachitra, Kalamkari, Shanthala, cheriyal) understand and enjoy for all class of people globally. Promoting eco friendliness through fabric painting like hand painting and hand block printing.

Conducting workshops and classes on Traditional Paintings.
Have been taking part in several art shows including The India Art Festival 2022 and 2023. I do take commissioned orders for all traditional art forms such as Mysore Style, Tanjore, Gondh Art, Pichwai Art and many more. I have also taken in major Art shows in Bangalore including the prestigious India Art Festival in 2022 and 2023.

Contact No ; 97313 33997
Email Id; shree.venkataramanan@gmail.com

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