Marina George

About the Artist

Marina George was born in Kerala and had her early education in Ernakulam.
Growing up in Kerala with all its natural beauty and with parents who encouraged art, she was inclined to artistic pursuits from her school days.

She was a University Gold medalist at her post-graduation and cleared the
Civil Services Examination 1989. Her career took her to postings in several States in India which further enriched her appreciation of art in the various cultures of the country. She is also an alumna of IIMB having completed the PGPPM(Post-graduate Programme in Public Policy and Management) at IIMB in the 2012 Batch.

She retired in August 2023 s Principal General Manager and Internal
Financial Adviser of BSNL Karnataka Circle.

Painting, art & craft continued to be a passionate hobby since childhood.
Her first formal exhibition was held at Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishat, Bangalore in 2022. Post retirement she now wishes to devote more time for pursuing her artistic hobbies and holding more exhibitions. Her first love is doing oil painting for the richness it brings out and the immense possibilities. She has tried her hand at watercolours and hopes to master the free-flowing style for the delicacy and sheer pleasure of watching the colours make their own magic. Most of her works are in the Realism style with an attempt to bring out the effect of light on colours and shapes. Some of her works have impressionistic style and imaginative light effects. She believes that doing realistic paintings is like learning the alphabet, grammar and syntax of painting from where one can further create poetry and let imagination take reins. From realism she would like to venture into surrealism and metaphorical representations of themes she dearly cares for.