Ritu Daswani

About the Artist

Artist Statement
“Higher attachment to be with Shiva”

This mantra reverberates within the depths of my soul, shaping my artistic journey. It was in 2019, during a pilgrimage to the sacred Kedarnath, the hallowed sanctuary of Bhagwan Shiva, that this spiritual awakening first stirred within me. As I walked the holy grounds, a tidal wave of devotion, meditation, love, and compassion overwhelmed me, emotions spanning lifetimes converging in a single, ecstatic moment. This profound revelation, both enigmatic and transcendent, compelled me to dedicate my life to Shiva, honoring both the seen and unseen blessings that enrich each moment of my existence. Thus, my paintings became a devout tribute to Him and the cosmic tapestry surrounding His divine presence.

As an artist of Indian origin, my heart is deeply entwined with the love for my country, its rich heritage of culture, traditions, festivals, and rituals. This profound connection is perhaps the wellspring of my fascination with colors. My canvas is a symphony of acrylics and oils, a reflection of my spiritual journey.

Though my academic path led me to a degree in Arts, life’s unpredictable course momentarily distanced me from my craft. Yet, as the timeless wisdom goes, ‘God always has better plans.’ In my prayers, I seek His celestial guidance, yearning for a vision that transcends the mundane – a vision that not only connects me to the divine but also helps others in their spiritual quest. Through my art, I endeavor to be a vessel of His grace, guiding souls towards their own divine encounters.

Artistic style: Spiritual Art
Art Medium : oils and acrylic
Social media (Instagram): Ritulika_art
Contact Number : +971502640678
Country : Dubai, UAE

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