Sangeeta Agarwal

About the Artist

Sangeeta Agarwal is an upcoming Indian watercolor artist, residing in Bangalore, India. She is known for her pursuit of bringing to life portraits and monuments. Her passion for art since childhood motivated her to experiment with myriad mediums and techniques. Driven by the love for art, and its intricate detailing inspired she earned a Diploma in the Fine Arts.

She graduated in Psychology and later choose to teach, after completing certifications from London. After being a full-time mother, the second time over, she continued her passion for painting from home.

Until recently, Sangeeta was passionate about charcoal and graphite paintings but now she extensively works to master graphite realism. She loves to experiment with her acrylic paintings, showcasing/evoking the beauty and dimensions of the abstract style. Since 2019, she is reinforcing her skills in realistic style of watercolors, constantly creating aisle-worthy portraits. Her love for portraits doesn’t stop her from creating masterpieces on florals and still life, among other subjects.

Sangeeta has invested considerable time and efforts to experiment and learn realistic artistry using watercolors as a medium, by learning and mastering from internationally renowned watercolorists, she is getting more proficient each day, showing her flair as a watercolorist herself.

Sangeeta enjoys doing portraits, still life, and nature paintings, bringing out a sense of warmth and sincerity in her paintings. The beautiful depiction of Indian culture, vivid mesmerizing colors, and light are an integral part of all her paintings.

“Once a teacher, always a teacher”, an apt saying for Sangeeta, she continues being an enriching instructor for adults and kids alike. A generous teacher with a passion, a teacher who teaches from heart not from the books, she has been conducting classes for the last decade, encouraging creative expressions and working with varied materials. She holds summer camps and workshops for children and women at home, motivating them to try and enhance their skills with colors. Her interest lies in sharing knowledge in both realistic and contemporary styles in acrylic, graphite & charcoal, and watercolor paintings. She takes Commission art orders and Fine art print orders for her original paintings too.

Apart from being a freelance artist, after losing her Mother to Cancer, she decided to help cancer patients and do something in memory of her Mother through her passion. Sangeeta sells her paintings, donating the profit partly to the cancer trust and the patients who are in the rehabilitation stage with ongoing treatments.

An avid social cause supporter, she is actively involved with society’s welfare through the finesse of her art. She has displayed her elegant and stunning artistic creations and has participated in various prestigious events and noteworthy exhibitions .

She has participated in many exhibitions and her paintings have been displayed at various Group Shows

Exhibition and Shows :
Selection for IWS Pennsylvania USA 2021
Selection for JIWI, International watercolor net exhibition in Japan 2021, Awarded Winning work.
Selection for Watercolor FabrianoInAcquarello show in Italy, 2021
Selection for JIWI, International watercolor net exhibition in Japan 2020
Selection for IWS BXH Coffee Painting, Kosovo, Europe, 2020
“Wide Canvas 2020”, a online group show, 2020
“Akanksha”, a women online group at, August 2020
Selection for Watercolor FabrianoInAcquarello show in Italy, 2020
Selection for 1st OLYMPIART, IWS India, December 2019
Selection for International Watercolor society(IWS) Indonesia exhibition, 2019
“Tribute to the Mahatma” a special section showcasing on 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji, Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishath, June 2019
“Akanksha”, a women group show at Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishath, June 2019
“Anawarana-2”, a group show at Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishath, May 2019
“Akanksha”, a women group show at Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishath, 2018
“Art Can Care”, a charity group exhibition for Cancer patients, Venkatappa Art Gallery, 2018, Awarded Special Mention.
“Aadi Sakti” Online Art Exhibition at IFAA, Indore, 2017

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