Seema VC

About the Artist

ARTIST STATEMENT: Art for me is the manifestation of an array of thoughts. A painting can communicate a lot about the mood, or emotions or a stream of thoughts. It’s a photographed thought process and a monologue of an artist.


Maybe these words complete my self-portrait – a teacher, freelance artist and a fashion illustrator.

My fascination towards colours and shapes started from my childhood. Without much formal training, learning of art has always been through experimentation. Emotions tend to ignite my thoughts and it starts flowing into my canvas. Though I work as a teacher and have completed diploma in Fashion Technology, art is the only medium which quenches the thirst of my soul.

I prefer to work with charcoal and acrylic. Human figures and portraitures inspire me. I am blessed to be a part of several art exhibitions in Bangalore, which includes Chitrakala Sangam (2018), Akanksha (2019), Portrait And Figurative Exhibition ‘Celebration Of Human Colours’, etc.

The journey ahead is long, but I know that fire in me will lead me on…

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