Sowmya Muralidhar

About the Artist

Though engineer by profession and a self taught artist , my constant and continuous hunger to keep learning and the fire to hone my art fueled my journey to mould myself into an artist.

Sometimes art is a form of journaling for me. I connect within myself channeling my thoughts through my art. I work with varied mediums like oil, acrylic, pastels & charcoal. I specialize in palette knife painting.
I enjoy capturing the brilliance of nature along with conceptual, contemporary,  and figurative arts.

I have had great opportunities to share my journey in the form of  art shows and online exhibitions in and outside Bangalore.

To sum up, my eyes are always looking for a subject which talks to me , enthusing my palette of colours to create works  which leave an impact.
I dedicate this beautiful art journey to the very first artist and my first guru – My Mother who sparked the  passion in art and gave me the courage to venture into this beautiful world.

To look into my interesting journey …..

Please contact me for any Art requirements.
Contact Number – 8105536510
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