Sudeshna Basu

About the Artist

Sudeshna’s educational background:
Graduated with Chemistry Honours from Calcutta University
Masters in Computer Applications from West Bengal University of Technology
Product Management from IIM Indore

Sudeshna’s Professional Background:

Sudeshna is having around 18 years of experience in IT industry. She started her career as a computer engineer and worked with multinational companies like IBM and GE. She is presently working as the Technical Product Manager for the digital applications of Ultrasound division of GE Healthcare.

Sudeshna’s art journey:

Sudeshna was passionate about art since her childhood. It started with a chalk and the red cement floor of the ancient house of her grand parents’ home during a warm summer afternoon. Her mom observed her 5 year old daughter had covered the entire red floor of the large verandah with chalk drawings while all of her cousins are playing outside. Later her mother had put her into a drawing school in her neighbourhood where for the next few years she continued to learn the various mediums of art starting
from crayon to watercolour to pencil sketch as well as charcoal and oil paintings.

She participated in a few exhibitions as a young artist and her artworks were adored and appreciated by many people. Art enthusiasts really appreciated her work and wanted buy it, but she couldn’t sell it at that time because this painting was very close to her heart. The painting is still there at her parents’ home in Kolkata.

She struggled with perspective and she struggled with the medium. Once upon a time which was so easy and natural, now seemed so difficult. But inspite of all these challenges, the joy and happiness she felt while doing the painting once again opened the locked corner of her heart where her passion took the back seat many years ago.

She was determined that from now on she will keep painting no matter how busy she becomes in her life. She joined back to her job after three months and after a year, she moved back to India but she never stopped painting after that. Slowly, she met more people who shared the
similar passion for art like her. She started to participate in art specific events and finally met with Shyamala Ramanand, who is the founder of Akanksha Art Gallery and an amazing artist and art curator. Most of all she is an amazing mentor who really inspires you and guides you to excel in the path of the art journey.

Sudeshna has recently participated in India Art Festival Bangalore as a member artist of Akanksha. She also participated in Chitrasanthe 2024. In all these events people loved and appreciated her artwork and many of her artworks were sold and found a new home. She is a talented artist who really enjoys creating art and will continue to create beautiful artworks in her art journey.

Sudeshna’s art medium and her paintings:

Sudeshna mainly paints in Acrylic and watercolour. She also loves to experiment with mix media, oil and digital art. Her subjects are mainly landscapes, cityscapes and portraits. She loves to capture the beauty of life on earth. Some thought provoking and mesmerizing moments of this universe is what inspires her art.

Contact Number : +91 9830045448
Email ID:
Instagram ID : @iamsudeshna
Instagram QR Code : image.png

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