Tiby Manu

About the Artist

A short description on my journey to pursue my passion for Art..….

Well, I quit my stint with the banking industry in 2002 after my marriage. However right from my childhood I always wanted to become an artist which bloomed and flourished during my high school days. That is when I feel, the creativity in me got a breakthrough. I continued this on and off during whatever opportunities which came across, be the lab book for my friends and colleagues or for any support asked for. I was also an active member of the creative wing of many celebrations at our church. Our Parish priest always welcomed and encouraged such efforts and thus he was a huge motivation for the initiatives I took up.

Then as it happens for most of us, time and other engagements kept me tied up with my professional commitments when I started working in the banking sector.
In 2006, I had an opportunity to revisit my passion when I joined the art and painting classes conducted Ranjith Sir in the community I was living in. That nurtured further the interest in me, and I gradually got back to myself to explore more on the unending opportunities and possibilities in this wonderful platform. But family engagements made me to prioritize my time and efforts on multiple responsibilities and thus the passion was becoming on and off. Yes, I was engaged and aligned with my passion, but not in an organized manner.
But the real U Turn happened in 2018, when I started attending Eby Sir’s classes. Rest is what… I am today. My biggest learning till date is that Learning and Mastering the techniques of Art is a Continuous Journey and not a Destination. However, I think I have taken only the first step, rather a baby step in my journey with art. I firmly believe that this continuous journey can be persisted only with unsurpassed loyalty and passion

Email id :  tibymanu@gmail.com