Vaaruni Girimaji

About the Artist

I am an Engineering graduate from Bangalore, with few years of IT experience and a few years of teaching experience.

As a young girl, I always used to admire the drawings made by my dad in his project books. They were outstanding and perfect.  He is truly an inspiration for what I am doing today.

Every other area of life is stressful with the routine and need for perfection. What started as a hobby has become my passion now, and painting helps me express my feelings and relive stress. Painting or sketching for some time in a day gives me a sense of confidence and enthuse me to try more styles of art.

I have most of my paintings in acrylics, pen and graphite. Graphite and pen works fascinates me, and I find them meditative. I get transported to a different world and re-emerge only when I am satisfied with every line.

Previously exhibited my works in Akanksha Group Art Exhibition, Black and white art shows in Bangalore, World Art Dubai 2020 and also in Small 2020, an online art show.

Contact Details

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Mobile No : 971 58 833 1397