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I am Vandana Raikar, a passionate artist with an unyielding love for colors and creativity. Born in a small town, I discovered the joy of drawing at a young age, often finding inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounded my childhood home Sirsi.

Growing up, art became a therapeutic escape, allowing me to express my emotions and ideas that words couldn’t capture. Despite pursuing a career in a non-artistic field, the love for creating remained a constant in my life.

In the spare time, I can be found immersed in various art forms, experimenting with watercolors, acrylic, or oil paints. The art studio at home is a sanctuary filled with canvases, sketchbooks, and a palette of vibrant paints.

My artistic journey is a personal exploration of self-expression and a celebration of the beauty found in everyday life. I have participated in few art exhibitions and a good amount of my paintings have found its permanent home.

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