Vedha Sreeram

About the Artist

Art journey:

Vedha Sreeram is an aspiring  artist practicing art for the past 5 years and her main interest is in Mandala art. An engineering graduate, IT professional and teacher turned artist is extending her pen art into watercolour & acrylic mediums and exploring the meditative effects of Mandala art. She has been a student of Master artist and Teacher Eby N Joseph and this has helped her a lot in improving her skill and thought process. She enjoys the relaxation and stress relief achieved with this art form through patterns and symmetry.

Exhibitions participated:

Chitra Kala Sangam -2017

Art for Cancer Care – 2018

Akanksha 2018

September Sparks 2018

Akanksha 2019

Mumbai Art Fair 2019

and a few more charity art shows.

Wall painting group projects done with a group of artists.

Mandala, Gond Art & Madhubani Art done on the walls of an NGO at Krishnagiri as a Charity project.
Did 9 big canvases in floral theme to adorn the walls of a ward in the Child Psychiatry Department of NIMHANS Hospital, Bangalore. The paintings on the walls are aimed at helping kids engage themselves in the waiting room, while they wait their turn to consult/get treatment.
Mandala & Warli art done on the walls of an IT Company in Sarajpur, Bangalore.
Gond art on a 200sqft wall done for an IT Company in Electronics City, Bangalore.

Workshops, Classes & Work orders:

Vedha Sreeram is happy to share her knowledge of Mandala art through her workshop series “Mandala Muse” with participants from different age groups.

Mandala Muse, a pen art workshop, as the name suggests, is designed in a thoughtful manner to channelise inspiration, creative influence, stimulus and meditative relaxation.

This relaxing and stress relieving art is sure to keep the participants enthused to stay in touch with this beautiful art form enjoying the meditative relaxation.

The workshops are conducted in art studios in different parts of Bangalore from time to time and a few sessions at my home studio. I also do online sessions at the comfort of your home. Private one on one session is also offered for the aspiring.

Corporate Mandala workshops are offered aiming at mindfulness, mental wellbeing of the staff and reducing stress. Corporate Mandala sessions are designed and customised according to the requirement of each company considering the time and budget that has gained accolades. Team building sessions for the staff through Mandala art is offered by Vedha Sreeram and is a different group session from the usual team building activities.

Customised work orders are undertaken for individual pieces as well as bulk orders for gifting. Limited prints of artworks are available on request. Small gift options include Handmade Art Fridge Magnets, Mandala or other artworks printed on Coffee Mugs, Fridge Magnets, T-shirts, Calendar, Diary and Personalized notebooks.

Art statement:

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time – Thomas Merton

I strongly have this feeling for creating art as well as admiring/viewing art.

My Mandala artworks in various mediums like Pens, Watercolours and Acrylic mediums bring positivity, calmness & meditative relaxation not only to the creator but also to the viewers through the concentric circles, radial symmetry and patterns.

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