Vedha Sreeram

About the Artist

Artist Profile

Vedha Sreeram is a visual artist specializing in mandala bringing to
life this ancient art form through her unique expressions in the form
of lines, curves and patterns.

The symmetry and continuity of patterns that mandala offers to both
the viewer and the artist calms one’s senses and helps being present in the moment – a moment of creation, tranquility and infinity. She believes that it has been a divine providence that she moved to being a mandala
artist from being a software professional, where she enjoins the programmatic nature of repetitive and symmetric patterns with the infinite imagination and possibilities of an artist’s mind.

Her creations combine the traditional cultural musings with modern ethos of certainty and expressionism, coming to life in myriad ways that the cosmos expresses itself through the artist’s imagination, and, perhaps the needs of the beholder of such art forms. Through a mixed, yet symmetric alignment of imagination that represent infiniteness of thinking along with patterns that represents the finiteness of time and space, her
mandala art forms have a unique ability to evoke varied expressions and emotions to the beholder.

Inspired by the rich traditions of mandala, she is actively pursuing various Indian folk-art forms which represent the unique and varied cultural diversity of India.

She is actively involved in sharing her knowledge of art and the joy she experiences through her workshop series, “Mandala Muse”, and is a regular exhibitor of her creations in art shows of repute across the country.

Vedha’s Art