Praveena Mukherjee

About the Artist

Being an artist is just another of the millions of blessings bestowed upon me by the Almighty!


My journey into the world of art started as a little girl of 5 years. It was my first drawing book and it had a page with rectangular boxes made on it which had to be coloured. I did it with colour pencils that I had to borrow as I was a new admission to the convent school that I studied in then. Once done,to my surprise, the teacher picked up my book to show the rest how neat my work was and a ‘Good’ on the page was like a trophy to me!

Drawing periods became my favourite in school and the various drawing contests that I participated in was paving a way without my knowledge.

My dad being in the Judicial department, had us moving places every 3 years and hence the exposure to new schools, new sysyems, new art classes etc. The junior and senior art exams were taken on as part of the school work. Little did I realise that it would some day come in handy to boost my confidence and propel me towards some serious artwork in the future.

Well, passing out of school and the various twists and turns in life put the world of art out of focus for a while. The occasional pieces of art that I made, did keep me on track though but it had become latent.

Married to an Army man and continuing my nomadic life, we landed in MHOW in MP which is a hub of artists and art shops. In the pretext of taking my son to an art class, I ended up joining the class too. It lasted for a fortnight or so but I was lucky to pick up a few things new , for that was my only formal class in art.

Then came Akanksha 2019! A God sent way to unravel the artist in me! My first exhibition in Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore got me back on track to take on a journey that had lost its path and meet incredibly wonderful people on the way! True to it’s name Akanksha, got my hopes alive. It’s a place where someone like me, who was self taught, who wasn’t even sure about her work was given a platform to stand beside excellent artists to explore, to learn and to grow.

The experience has truly been gratifying. I’d say that the destination could be unknown, but how much we enjoy the journey is what truly matters.

So here’s to an endless journey of learning and growing!!


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