Sajeevan TB

About the Artist

I am Sajeevan Thayyil. I am a self-made entrepreneur born in Thrissur, worked at different locations, and settled in Bengaluru.

I was attracted to art and creative expressions from childhood. My passion for painting was repressed for a long period, chose to follow my heart and pursue my passion for painting in 2018. I am a self-taught artist, I update my skills by attending courses and workshops.

I prefer to depict realism through my art. I am a nature lover, hence it’s been my interest to portray its beauty. My works are oils on canvas, oil provides a variety of rich tones which helps me give a real feel to the paintings. I love exploring other subjects and mediums as well, for a challenge.

My other interests include reading, writing, and listening to music.

Contact No : 96110 88818
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