Sumitra Balu

About the Artist

I took up drawing at a very young age, without any proper guidance ,just purely fascinated by shades and colors. Passionate though, academics took a front seat and i was never able to pursue it after a few years. I did Chase intellectual pursuits ardently, which continued for many years. But soon found my calling and realised that nothing gives me as much satisfaction or elation as the journey of seeing an artwork to completion.

I was fortunate to come under the tutelage of Mrs.Nimi Ravindranath who gave me the confidence to move forward in this field.  In a way i seem to find myself as i sketch or paint..I have also had the Privilege of Making an Exclusive  Series of Portraits on Selected Indian Musicians,   which has given me Extreme Happiness and has been  Widely Accepted.

I can be Contacted for Commissioned Works through the Social Media links given or through email provided. I also undertake Online Sketching Classes. Please contact me through my contact details provided.

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