Tripthy G Rajesh

About the Artist

Tripthy Rajesh is a Bengaluru based artist. She has a Master’s in Microbiology and is a self taught artist who uses the canvas as an open space of exploration and creativity. Her creative  style is unique and is very passionate about drawing and painting subjects like  Landscapes, Still life figuratives, Portraitures, Abstracts, Concept based semi abstract  and Realistic works using  variety of medium like Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours, Soft Pastels, Charcoal, Gouache and Graphite.
Her interest in art at an young age has won her awards in school and college for drawing and painting. In 2013 she enrolled for a short term course in Modern Art at Chitrakala Parishath where she got introduced to the  different mediums which ignited her passion in art to explore  the endless possibilities available to her to experiment and  create good artworks. Some of her concept based artworks  illustrates the existential plight of human life.

 The artwork Titled” Sacrifice  and hope”  was painted to bring awareness regarding the tribal practices prevalent in India to  address and promote a rational approach to fight against Social intolerance. The work illustrates two tribal women standing in a room with  a burning lamp where one woman is holding a Rooster( signifying  the tribal practice of innocent animal & bird killings and the brutality that the tribal women undergo due to exploitation ) and the other woman is holding a flower in her hand  and the brightness from the lamp signify that they can  hope  for a brighter future and a better life to blossom like the beautiful flower if they are educated. With education they can help eliminate  poverty, hunger, disease, and  fight against ignorance and superstitions in their community. This work was selected for the 15th All India People Science Congress  held at Bengaluru to bring awareness towards the superstitions and blind faith followed  in tribal communities of North East India. The exhibition was inaugurated on 22nd May 2015 by former Vice President of India Shri  Hamid Ansari and was well appreciated by the members  and participants.

 Currently she is  working on a floral series with soft pastels  and also teaches students to draw and paint, guiding them to discover their own style and expressions along the way.

 Art Exhibitions:
Participated in a group show “Dozen Dimensions” at  Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, 2013.
Participated in a group show called 3 Strokes, 14th August 2014,held at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath.
 Participated in Akanksha Mega group show,15th April 2015 with 50 women artist celebrating women’s day at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath. Bengaluru.
Participated in Akanksha Mega Group show 9th March  2016 at Rangoli  Metro Art Centre, MG Road ,Bengaluru.
Participated in a group exhibition, A fund raiser show  from Feb 14th to Feb 18th, 2018 organized  by Art Can Care Foundation to benefit Cancer Patients held  at Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bengaluru.

Participated in an  an International Online  group exhibition on 29th  August 2020 in Nigeria organized by the international Painter’s Community in collaboration with  Play back Nigeria.
Participated in an International Online group exhibition on 6th September in Bulgaria collaborating with the Play back for Playbackers, An international group of actors performing for European gathering.
Participated in the ongoing Akanksha Affordable Online Art Exhibition called Small-2020 from 5th Dec to 5th March 2021,a fund raiser show organized by Art Can Care Foundation to benefit Cancer Patients.

2018 to 2020
She took a sabbatical from painting for 2 years to focus on honing her skills attending workshops conducted by Eminent  Master artists like Shri Eby N Joseph, Shri Shaji Subramaniam, Smt Manjri More ,Shri Venu Madhav Vodanala, Amit Shirole, Amit Srivastava and Kavitha Vardhan.

Contact No : 91 91102 15069
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