Abstract 6



S Anand

Medium : Acrylic On Canvas
Size : 3 feet by 3 feet
Contact No : 80724 76825
Email Id : anandsiyer27@gmail.com


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Improvising Impasto Technique Abstracts

a) Introduction
During my studies of four year Diploma course at Kalakshetra Foundation Collage of Fine Arts, Chennai, I had the opportunity to have (late) Prof. S. Dhanapal as my Guru and acquired adequate theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of painting. He used to interact with the students about the centuries old works of Great Artists and
different methods adopted by them namely paintings of reality, impressionism, Expressionism, and also eminent Artist of last/current centuries who have created modern techniques like Cubism and Contemporary Abstracts.

On completion of my studies in 1999, I was mainly using pallet knives in doing landscapes in impressionistic style in different mediums like Oil, Acrylic and also brush works in Water color. thereafter, while doing works for submission consequent on my selection for Junior Fellowship during 2002 – 2004, I had fully engaged myself in doing
different types of land/sea/mountainscapes in semi-realistic forms with the help of pallet knives and scraping the parts of trees, bushes, and shrubs. During my travel in the field of Art for the past nine years, presently I am
doing Abstracts in Acrylic on Canvas with special tools in Impasto technique in my own innovative style with different colors in layers giving importance to space and textures.

(b) Proposed Project
Though there is considerable development/improvements of my present method of involving creation of Abstracts in different dimensions, I still want to engage and explore in creating innovative paintings so as to reach the next stages in the Contemporary Art field. I therefore need support and encouragement for achieving this goal, especially as a Physically Challenged Person with much ambitions for achievements in my chosen field of Fine Arts Painting.

S.Anand, Artist.


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