Being Woman (SOLD)

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Dr. Shantala

Medium : Colour Zentangle on 200 GSM paper
Size : 42cmsX 30 cms
Contact no : 91 94486 79684
Email Id : shanyashas@gmail.com9


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Dr. Shantala is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist practising in Bengaluru.
She is also a published bilingual writer (Kannada and English) and a freelancing artist.
Art for her is a necessary stress buster rather than a hobby. Writing or painting is a form of a physical manifestation of thoughts, ideas and emotions. She tries expressing them by exploring various media.

5 reviews for Being Woman (SOLD)

  1. Anupama

    Very beautiful n thoughtful Art. Have seen ur other mix media art. love it

  2. P.N.Rao

    The innumerable thoughts that hide in the female brain is colorfully presented. Commendable work by the artist. Choice of colors makes the picture attractive too.

  3. Meghana

    Hi, I’m very interested to buy this painting. How do I place the order?

  4. Swadhinata Sutar

    You have put a lot of work in to this piece.Great job!

  5. Harsha M L

    This is like painting the whole universe of life, that’s what it’s being women, great work doctor, keep it up.👍

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