Nagalinga Flower II


Krishnamurthy N

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas.
Size: 24 x 24”
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Divine Flower- Nagalingam

Though the Nagalingam, with its botanical name ‘ Couroupita Guianesis’ belongs to the tropical forests of Central and South America, it is associated more with the cultural and religious fabric of People of India and other Asian countries. It is always considered as divine or mystic and associated with Shiva. It is also accepted in Buddhism and Jainism.

Its complicated structure representing Naga and Linga , – Shiva and Snake hood engulfed in six petals is a great Challenge to an Artist to compose colour depict it.

I tried to represent it in my art as above. The first image is in colour pencil medium as it is seen. The second and third in warm and cool colours are in acrylic and projected with the petals also representing the snake hood.


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