Tree of Life – The Mahua (Gond Artform)



Mangala Madhuchand

Medium :  Acrylic on Canvas
Size :  A4
Contact No : 98452 47593
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“Tree of Life – The Mahua”
Gond Artform

Gond painting is a popular folk art form practiced by one of the largest tribes of North India. Gond
means “green mountains” and people of this tribe are called Gondis. Gond paintings are done primarily
to preserve and communicate the culture of their community.

Gond paintings are brought to life with the extensive use of vibrant colours like yellow, orange, blue, red
and green, Nature being their main feature. While trees in general are an important aspect of Gond Art,
Mahua Tree is sacred. Also known as “Kalpavriksha” or the wish fulfilling divine tree in Hindu Mythology,
the mahua Tree is revered by Gondis as “Tree of Life”. The Mahua tree is never cut, instead it is passed
on to the future generations. Even a little quantity of water is enough to spring a dead mahua tree back
to life!

Depicted in this painting is the famous Mahua Tree in all its glory!


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