Veena Devagiri

About the Artist

I am Mrs.Veena Devagiri , from Ranibennur,Karnataka,India, I have done Diploma in fine Art from Dhaka ( as my husband was transferred to Bangladesh I did my course there) ,Diploma in counselling,and Art therapy courses.

I served as a Art Teacher for 19 years , Since childhood I am passionate about Art, I use to participate in various competitions and come home with prizes, ,Passionate about experimenting with paint in different mediums and collecting elephants and artefacts in materials ranging from wood to gold.I have participated in various exhibitions in India and Dubai.i follow my passion by conducting art therapy and counselling sessions where children bring out their hidden emotions and helps cope with their adolescent minds.

I have been recognized as an innovator by the Abu Dhabi Technology Development Authority, for a device I invented called “Spin and Paint” using old cycle parts which creates paintings by propelling a brush over a canvas, also for creating sculptures and art using coconut shells ,

I have received the award for best teacher during my time teaching.

The credit for all my achievements and the person that I am today goes to my Father Mr.Krishnamurthy Patil,a renowned photographer in Ranibennur and also a gifted artist, who is my mentor and who introduced me to art in my childhood. I have 2 sons, and am a grandmother of a lovely granddaughter, my family is very supportive , always encouraged to go with Art


Best Teacher’s Award -2013
Recognized as Innovator by Abudhabi Technology authority in 2013 for my innovation spin and paint
Recognized as Innovator by Abudhabi Technology authority in 2015 for my craft work using coconut shells.

Participation in Exhititions .

W2W Dubai -Against the tides -2013
W2WDubai- Against the Tides-2016
W2W Dubai -Against the tides-2017
Cartoon Art Gallery Dubai –2016
Cartoon Art Gallery dubai-2017
Cartoon Art Gallery Dubai -2018
Cartoon Art Gallery Dubai -2019
Art4you Gallery Dubai -2016
Art4you Gallery- Dubai 2017
Art4you Gallery Dubai-2018
Art4you Gallery Sharjah -2018
Art4you Gallery Sharjah-2019
Art4you Gallery Sharjah -2020
Art4you Gallery -2020
Zee Art Gallery Dubai -2017
ZeeArt Gallery Dubai -2018
Zee art Gallery Retreat in Georgia, Tbilisi ,-2018
Zee art Gallery -Dubai-2019
Funun Art Gallery Dubai -2019
Funun Art Gallery Dubai -2019

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